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The function and use of content management systems is to store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data. CMS features vary widely. Simple systems showcase a handful of features, while other releases, notably enterprise systems, offer more complex and powerful functions. Most CMS include Web-based publishing, format management, revision control (version control), indexing, search, and retrieval. The CMS increments the version number when new updates are added to an already-existing file.

A CMS may serve as a central repository containing documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data. CMS's can be used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documentation.

Distinguishing between the basic concepts of user and content. The content management system (CMS) has two elements:

Content management application (CMA) is the front-end user interface that allows a user, even with limited expertise, to add, modify and remove content from a Web site without the intervention of a Webmaster.

Content delivery application (CDA) compiles that information and updates the Web site.

See also: List of content management frameworks, Web template system and Template engine (Web)


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